College Application Summer Boot Camp

Our camps are designed to help students get a “jump-start” on their college applications under the guidance of an expert admissions counselor. Please see the details below.

During these camps, our counselors will guide students to:

  • Gain an understanding of the college admissions process and how admissions officers evaluate applications.
  • Receive advice on which teachers should write the recommendations and how to ask for their help.
  • Get feedback on which schools to apply to and the chances of admission.
  • Work one-on-one and in small groups to complete the Common Application datasheets.
  • Complete an activity chart that highlights the student’s awards, extracurricular activities, and leadership positions.
  • Brainstorm, write, and edit a personal statement essay that can be used with a variety of applications.
  • Learn interviewing techniques for admissions and alumni interviews.

To ensure an excellent experience, space is EXTREMELY limited for group intensives.


College Application Summer Boot Camps

For those who have not yet met one of our counselors, the group intensives start with an initial meeting in the spring or early summer. Then, over the four day intensive, students will work in small groups and individually through applications and essays.

2018 Dates – Madison, WI (Galin Education Office)

    • 9AM – 12PM: Workshop – lead counselor will guide the group through major topics in admissions
    • 12PM – 1PM: Lunch
    • 1PM – 4PM: Worktime – counselors will be available to help!


    • 6PM – 7PM: Parent Review – we will share with parents our suggestions for how students spend the rest of summer and fall to ensure applications are well done and finished well in advance of deadlines!

2018 Costs

$1000 – After June 1st

$800 – Before June 1st

$650 – Before March 1st

$500 – Before January 1st