Galin Education Parent Chats – Madison

Parent Chats will be held on Tuesdays at 7:00PM with the same chat being offered the following day (Wednesdays) at 12:00PM.

College Chats for Parents are designed to help families better understand the college admissions process. Our “overview” sessions will cover the basics of college applications by providing an overview of what students should be doing in high school and how admissions officers evaluate applications. Other sessions will focus on more specific topics (see below). Our counselors lend their expertise to the group with a mix of presentation and Q&A. These chats are intended for parents only.

Chats take place at either the Galin Education office in Middleton (6702 Stonefield Road) or Waunakee ( – Village Crossing Conference Room- 114 E. Main – 2nd Floor). Please note the location below. Some meetings will be webinars and you will receive an email prior to the meeting for instructions on how to access the webinar.

September 12th – 7:00PM  –  Applying to Highly Selective Colleges – Galin Education Office

September 13th – 12:00PM  – Applying to Highly Selective College-  Galin Education Office

September 19th – 7:00PM – College Planning for Juniors – Galin Education Office

September 20th – 12:00PM – College Planning for Juniors - Galin Education Office

September 27th – 12:00PM -Executive Functioning Skills for the High-Achieving Underperformer -Webinar

October 3rd – 7:00PM -Which Tests and When?Galin Education Office

October 4th – 12:00PM -Which Tests and When?- Galin Education Office

October 10th – 7:00PMCollege Planning for AthleticsGalin Education Office

October 11th – 12:00PM - College Planning for Athletics - Galin Education Office

October 17th – 7:00PM – Everything Special Education- Galin Education Office

October 18th – 12:00PM – Everything Special Education- Webinar

October 24th – 7:00PM - College Money Talk – Galin Education Office

October 25th – 12:00PM – College Money Talk – Galin Education Office

October 31st – 7:00PM- Which Test – ACT or SAT?- Galin Education Office

November 1st – 12:00PM - Which Test – ACT or SAT? – Galin Education Office

November 7th – 7:00PM - College for Engineering & STEM Majors – Galin Education Office

November 8th – 12:00PM -College for Engineering & STEM Majors- Galin Education Office

November 14th – 7:00PM – Executive Functioning Skills for the High-Achieving Underperformer – Galin Education Office

November 15th – 12:00PM- Executive Functioning Skills for the High-Achieving Underperformer – Webinar

December 5th – 7:00PM- How to Prepare for Exams - Galin Education Office

December 6th – 12:00PM -How to Prepare for Exams – Webinar

December 12th – 7:00PM -You have your PSAT scores……What now? – Galin Education Office

December 13th – 12:00PM -You have your PSAT scores……What now? Galin Education Office

January 9th – 7:00PM – How to Prepare for Exams – Galin Education Office

January 10th – 12:00PM – How to Prepare for Exams- Webinar

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