College Chats for Parents – West Palm Beach

College Chats for Parents are designed to help families better understand the college admissions process. Our “overview” sessions will cover the basics of college applications by providing an overview of what students should be doing in high school and how admissions officers evaluate applications. Other sessions will focus on more specific topics (see below). Our counselors lend their expertise to the group with a mix of presentation and Q&A. These chats are intended for parents only.

LOCATION: Greenwise: 11231 Legacy Ave, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

January 17th: 12:00PM - STEM Colleges
February 7th: 7:00PM – Overview of College Admissions
February 21st7:00PM – Florida Colleges
March 7th12:00PM – Overview of College Admissions
March 21st: 12:00PM – Performing Arts
May 2nd: 7:00 – Overview of College Admissions
May 16th: 7:00 - Liberal Arts Colleges
June 6th12:00 - Overview of College Admissions
June 20th: 12:00 - Pre-Med / Pre-Law