College Admissions

College Chats for Parents – FREE
College Chats for Parents are designed to help families better understand the college admissions process. Our counselors lend their expertise to the group with a mix of presentation and Q&A.

College Application Summer Boot Camp
Our camps are designed to help students get a “jump-start” on their college applications under the guidance of an expert admissions counselor.

Test Prep

AP/SAT Subject Test Crash Course – With the guidance of a content expert, students work individually, in small groups, and as a class to review important content and learn strategies to tackle every component of the exam.*

PSAT Boot Camp – This two-day, four-hour course is designed for rising juniors who are looking for some exposure to the PSAT prior to the fall test date. This class is specifically designed for high scorers.*

Summer Writing Courses – During this six session program, students will be guided through the fundamental steps of the writing process from start to finish. Though the strategies taught in this course will be applicable for any writing task, we will focus on crafting a thesis-driven argumentative paper. This course will teach students strategies to approach their writing tasks with confidence, organize their thoughts with purpose, break through writer’s block when stuck, and produce quality essays on time.

*Minimum enrollment of four student is required.

Executive Functioning / Study Skills

Finals Studying Course (HS) – This course will provide students with the an all encompassing finals study plan.

Executive Functioning Summer Boot camp – This bootcamp will provide lessons and activities aimed to integrate executive functioning skills into students’ learning. Over the course of the four hours, students will learn the skills of organization, planning, time management, initiation, and more. This camp will guide students towards becoming self-directed learners and address the foundational skills needed to be a successful student.