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ACT / SAT Prep

Galin Education works with students of all abilities to help them improve their ACT and/or SAT scores. Our tutors have scored in the top five percent of all test takers and work individually with students to build their skills and confidence. We identify the students’ strengths and areas for improvement and develop an individualized plan to maximize their scores on test day.

Our Approach

  • Individualized: Our tutors go to great lengths to ensure that the curriculum the develop and lessons they deliver are individualized to the needs of each student. Having a personalized approach allows us to target students specific areas while continuing to provide content knowledge and strategies that are needed to be successful on all areas of the test. Building a relationship with a tutor helps to significantly build a student’s confidence which translates to better performance on test day.

  • Rigorous: Our students work very hard to get the increases they deserve. We do not teach tricks or shortcuts, but, rather, teach students how to think critically, classify question types, evaluate answer choices, and manage time. This involves tutoring sessions, homework, and practice examinations.

  • Practice-Intensive: The key to getting better at many things in life is practice. No one would go onto the tennis court and expect to win a match without first learning how to serve, volley, and backhand, and practice those techniques over and over. Our students are encouraged to take regular practice exams; we proctor them in our office and give them practice sets to complete at home.

  • Long-Term: For students to be successful on these exams, they need to review (and sometimes learn) content, internalize strategies, practice, and review. This takes time both during and between tutoring sessions and tests. Most of our students will work with our tutors for 4-12 months to build the knowledge, skills, and confidence to do their best.

  • Our Tutors

    Galin Education prides itself on hiring and training the best tutors in the area. Our faculty consists of educators are skilled test takers having scored in the top 5% of the exam they teach, have had significant teaching and/or tutoring experience, and are extremely energetic and approachable. Our students often comment on how their tutor not only taught them content and strategies for the test, but also how to be more confident on test day. With all the stress that surrounds these tests, having a supportive and knowledgeable guide can make a significant impact.

    Our Practice Tests

    Because we know how important practice is in building student’s knowledge, skills, and confidence, we offer proctored practice exams in our office each week. Please click the link below to learn more and register for a practice exam. If there is not a date that works for you, please contact our office directly to schedule an individualized proctored exam.
    Click here for our schedule of proctored practice examinations.

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