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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Gonzaga University

By September 11, 2022 No Comments

by Jessie Brumfiel

With eye-catching student retention of 92% and a host of popular majors such as business, engineering, and nursing, Gonzaga has found a winning formula for undergraduate education in the northeast corner of Washington state. Students enjoy personal attention and learn in small classes taught by full professors. With a classic red-brick collegiate campus, competitive DI sports teams, and big school spirit, Gonzaga combines the best of a liberal arts college and a big university. Read on to learn about this private, Jesuit, mid-size college that’s trending in popularity.

1. Spokane, Washington may not be a place you’ve been before, but students find a friendly, livable city with plenty of amenities, and major employers offering student internships.Spokane also provides abundant skiing in winter, lakes and rivers, golf courses, and hiking. Unlike Seattle, Spokane is on the “sunny” side of Washington state.

2. Gonzaga’s 5,000 undergraduate population is made up of 28% multicultural students and 32 religious faiths. While 38% of students describe themselves as Catholic, the university strives to be a place where religion is an invitation, not an obligation.

3. Gonzaga’s school of business administration is traditionally one of its biggest and strongest schools. Appealingly, all non-business students may add a business minor in a specialization such as human resources, finance, or sustainable business. It’s possible to stay a 5th year to earn an MBA or a MA in finance or taxation.

4. Engineering applicants are advised to show success in high-school level physics and calculus for the best shot at acceptance into this competitive school. Gonzaga offers degrees in computer science, engineering management, and four engineering options – computer, mechanical, civil, and electrical. The new Integrated Science and Engineering building on campus provides space for labs, innovation, and research.

5. Gonzaga students take pride in their commitment to service, contributing 150,000 annual volunteer hours in the Spokane community. The Center for Community Engagement coordinates opportunities for students to get involved, develop leadership skills, and carry out the Jesuit mission of working for and with others.

6. Varsity basketball games take it to a whole other level. Students have been known to sleep out overnight for prime seats in the boisterous arena known affectionately as the Kennel. With just 6,000 seats, the McCarthy Athletic Center creates an unforgettable experience for players and fans alike.

7. Spike the bulldog rose to national prominence after being featured in Nike’s “Welcome to Bracketville” commercials for the NCAA basketball tournament. The Gonzaga mascot appears frequently at athletic events and university functions.

8. Gonzaga provides a holistic application review, taking into account the curriculum, grades and grade trends, quality of writing, activities, test scores (if sent), and character. Demonstrated interest matters both for admission and for merit scholarships, and admission interviews are recommended if the applicant has below a 3.2 GPA.