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August 1 is a significant milestone for college applicants. It is the day that the 2022-2023 Common Application goes “live.”  This means that nearly all Common App colleges have updated their new essay questions by August 1. 

For students who have already begun filling out their college applications, don’t worry: your work on nearly every section will be saved! But you may also begin adding the colleges you plan to apply to into the Common App, and filling out their questions.

A number of colleges have already announced their essay questions for the upcoming admissions cycle, but some do not reveal their questions until August 1.  A few colleges whose questions I am eagerly anticipating are:

  • George Washington University
  • University of Notre Dame
  • Santa Clara University
  • University of Washington

August 1 also means that (gasp!) there are only a few more weeks of summer before students return for senior year!  In all my years of college counseling, I have never heard a student say they wish they had waited longer to start working on college essays. On the contrary, most students say they wish they had gotten more work done during the summer, before the work of classes, fall sports, and senior year social events begin.

So, what does August 1 mean for you?  It means that college application season has gotten real! And mostly, it’s time to really work on your essays and solidify your list of colleges. Remember that our college essay experts are here to help!  From knowing how to approach a “why this college” essay to polishing a personal statement, we can help you craft your story and make your writing compelling.  Schedule an essay coaching session here, or reach out to us any time!  Happy writing! 

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