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You did it, you have been admitted to college and committed to where you will spend the next four years! You should be very proud of yourself, the college admission process is not without its trials and tribulations.

Here are a few tips on how the spend these last few months:

1. Finish your senior year strong!

With graduation weeks or days away, it can be hard to stay motivated and focused on classes. After all, you’re already admitted to college, right? Remember, your university will still look at your final transcript even after they’ve admitted you. In addition, if your grades dip too low, your university reserves the right to rescind your admission. While this may be a rare occurrence, do not take that risk!

2. Connect with your new classmates!

Most universities create Facebook and Instagram pages reserved for incoming freshmen – make use of these (even if you never go on Facebook anymore!). By connecting with students ahead of time, you’ll already have a few friendly faces when you set foot on campus your first day. You may even find people from your area who you can connect with ahead of time, or find your freshman year roommate!

3. Don’t leave packing or shopping to the last minute!

It may seem like it will be easy to throw your belongings in a suitcase the night before you leave, but take your time to decide what needs to come with you and what you can part with for a few months. Make sure to check what isn’t allowed to come to campus – for example, some universities may not allow you to bring a microwave. In addition, if you have items you need to buy like bedding, make sure you hit the store before they run out of twin XL sheets!

4. Finally, take some time to relax.

After all, you’ve worked so hard for this accomplishment. You don’t have to spend these last few months studying for the ACT or brainstorming essay topics. Make sure you spend time with your friends and family, and do something nice for yourself – whether that be getting an extra scoop of ice cream or binging that new Netflix series – you deserve it!

Your counselors at Galin are so proud of you for this huge accomplishment, and are available if you have any last minute questions before you make this next big step in your life. Have a great summer!

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