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How AP tests will work in 2021

By January 12, 2021 No Comments

        By Scott Lutostanski

Last year was unprecedented when it came to AP Tests. The tests were shortened from about 3 hours to 45 minutes, they only covered about 60% of the content for each course, and they were taken virtually. Of course, all these changes were motivated by the craziness that was going on with COVID last year.

With school still virtual in most places, it’s important to understand how the AP Tests are going to work this Spring. Below, we answer some of the frequent questions that we’ve been getting asked.

How much content is being covered?

This year, AP tests will cover 100% of the content an AP student is expected to learn in a year. The College Board has said that they “expect exam scores to reflect the full scope of AP coursework.” This is probably the biggest challenge to getting a good score as schools with virtual formats are meeting only 40% of the time they would be in a normal school environment. Not to mention, this time is all virtual. Students in this situation are most likely going to have to work outside of class in order to cover all the content.

How are tests given?

Right now, the plan is for students to be able to take the test in-person safely or at home virtually. College Board has not yet released information for a virtual option, but they are planning on making this available. There will also likely be a little more flexibility. Check with your school test coordinator to learn more as this evolves over the Spring.

What can my student do to prepare?

Students should be learning new content outside of school, this much is known. It’s hard to predict from school to school how much work students need to be doing. Galin Education is currently in the midst of putting together AP review courses to help prepare students for the tests in May. We are currently looking to gather more information from parents. Please fill out this form to help us out and stay up to date with our AP Review Courses.

When is the exam?

Right now, the College Board is planning on offering three sets of dates for the exam. The first set will be in early May, the second set will be in late May, and the third set will be in early June. Exact dates should be available by February.

With the tests fast approaching in May, it’s time to start putting plans together. Feel free to email us at info@galined.com if you have more questions.