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              By Liz Jackson

Next week is the fall conference for the Independent Education Consultants Association– a professional membership organization for counselors. All of the counselors at Galin are part of IECA, and the conference this week is just one of the professional development opportunities in which our counselors routinely take part.

One of the big reasons a lot of families work with our counselors is that the landscape of college admissions has changed–a lot–since most parents attended college themselves. In fact, trends in higher education and admissions change from year to year and from university to university. This is why it is so critical to work with a counselor who has access to information about these trends and can help build your child’s college application strategy around accurate and up-to-date information.

Galin counselors’ dedication to professional development is also one of my favorite things about our Team. I often tell prospective families that our team set-up provides families with the best possible scenario–close and trusting relationships with an individual counselor, plus access to the working professional knowledge of our entire team.

I hope you’ll set up a consultation to learn more about how our professional knowledge can help your families navigate the ever-changing process of applying to college! And check out some of the ways our counselors are staying current on admissions trends. 

  • Leslie is taking part in the IECA conference and she looks forward to attending a session on “How to Improve the World Through Unique Summer Programs” so she can support her adventurous students as they plan summer activities. She is also excited to attend a session on “College Essay Solution: Calm Students, Better Results,” because we all hope to increase the calm with which students approach the college application process, especially the writing part.”
  • Megan is a big fan of Rick Clark from Georgia Tech, and looks forward to hearing him present at this fall’s IECA conference on the Lasting Effects of COVID on college admissions.
  • Liz is presenting at the IECA conference, and is excited to be on a panel of counselors talking about professional learning communities. She also attended a national counselor consortium presented by the SEC, to learn about what SEC schools can offer for students from outside the Southeast. 
  • Jessie has been busy engaging in professional development. Last month, she re-toured University of Redlands, went to an in-person college fair in Los Angeles, and attended a virtual information session on Temple University in Japan! 
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