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Summer break is often seen as a time for relaxation and fun, but it can also be a golden opportunity for students to improve their study skills. With a little planning and dedication, students can use this time to get ahead academically and develop habits that will serve them well during the next school year.

Reading for Pleasure and Growth

One of the best ways to enhance study skills is by, simply, reading. This not only improves vocabulary and comprehension but also fosters a habit of regular reading. Students can explore genres they enjoy or challenge themselves with more complex texts. Additionally, reading non-fiction books related to their academic subjects can provide deeper insights and a broader perspective on what they learn in school.

Writing and Journaling

Keeping a journal or writing essays on various topics can significantly improve writing skills. Whether it’s creative writing, opinion pieces, or reflective journals, regular writing practice helps in organizing thoughts, improving grammar, and enhancing overall communication skills.

Goal Setting and Planning

Summer is a good time for students to set academic or personal goals for the upcoming school year. They can create a plan, outline their objectives, and identify areas where they need improvement. This proactive approach can lead to better performance and reduced stress when school starts.

Executive Function Support for the Fall Semester

It is also not too early to get your student signed up with an Academic Coach for the new school year. If you think your student could use extra support when it comes to time management, organization, study skills, task initiation, etc., now is a great time to set-up a consultation to see how Galin’s Academic Coaches could help your student start the year with strength. Reach out at info@galined.com or call 608-841-1053.

By putting just a little thought into skill-building, students can transform their break into a productive Summer.


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