As we approach August, many rising high school seniors are finding a little bit of free time on their hands. It is important that they make good use of this time to get a head start (or even finish) their college applications. Once school starts, students should really shift their focus back to academics to keep their grades up for midterm grade reports. Also, the start of school tends to be a very social time for seniors. Balancing applications, schoolwork, and a social life will be very difficult. Many school applications will go live this month and some schools will even start accepting applications. For schools with rolling admissions, setting early deadlines for yourself will be especially important. As a first step, sign up for the common application and go on some school websites to view their applications

One part of the application process that can be done in August is college visits. I will talk more about those next week. While students are home from school and perhaps have obligations ending this month, take advantage of the great weather by visiting some schools!

More summer guidance to come next week!