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Galin Education is excited to announce our new law school admissions program and our law school admissions counselor, Caroline Fuchs! Caroline and our team of experienced counselors are here to assist you in navigating the competitive and complicated law school application process, and help you reach your professional goals. Whether you are just beginning college and want comprehensive pre-law advising, or you are a working professional hoping for someone to assist you with your personal statements, our programs can make the process smoother. We asked Caroline a few questions about law school admissions and more! 

1). Why do you think working with a law school admissions advisor is a good idea for some applicants?

Choosing the right law school is really the first decision you make on your professional path as a lawyer. Where you go to law school matters. While ranking is important, there are a lot of other factors to consider. An admissions professional can help you not only develop impactful application materials but help you develop an application strategy that will land you at the right school for your personal and professional goals.

2). What is your favorite thing about working with applicants to law school?

There are a lot of “rules of the game” that you need to know to be a successful applicant. And many of these rules are not apparent. I certainly didn’t know them when I applied to law school. Now that I am an attorney, I love helping others on their path to getting a legal education. The applicants I work with are not just clients, they are also my future colleagues.

3). What is the best piece of advice you can share with people considering applying to law school?

Give yourself the time to make smart decisions about your application timeline and put together thoughtful application materials. There is no reward for rushing to law school. It is worth it to give yourself the time to build your resume, get the LSAT score you need, or craft your personal statement. Remember, admission to law school isn’t the end goal. It’s the first step on your journey in the legal profession.

Also, lawyers love to tell other people not to go to law school. Don’t listen to them.

4). What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I like squeezing in as much quality time with family as possible. My husband and I have two rescue dogs, a two-year-old son. They keep us running!

Read Caroline’s bio and learn more about law school admissions at galined.com/lawschool.

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