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By Jessie Brumfiel

Texas Christian University Fast Facts:

  • Location: Fort Worth Texas
  • Average Class Size: 26
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 10,915
  • Popular Majors: Business and Health


People in Fort Worth compare their city to Nashville – there’s plenty to do, but it’s slower and smaller than places like Dallas or Atlanta, and they like it that way. Fort Worth itself is about 45 minutes from downtown Dallas, has a decent-sized commercial center, and lots of upscale suburban neighborhoods. 

Student Body

Texas Christian University (TCU) has an attractive campus of 300 acres, unified by stone buildings and green lawns. Currently, TCU has a 54% acceptance rate and 11,000 undergraduates. Around 40% of students are Texans, 55% come from out of state, and 5% are international students. TCU was the only campus where I heard the southern drawl, along with phrases like “ya’ll” and “ma’am”. 

Greek Life

TCU’s biggest claim to fame among students is its Greek life system, which dominates the atmosphere on campus. On my admission tour, girls and their mothers asked a lot of questions about the sorority rush process. Traditional sorority houses – mansions with pink doors – are located just across the street from the athletics complex. While this emphasis on Greek life could be alienating to some, it was clear that TCU attracts many students who are “all-in” on Greek life, or at least comfortable with the fact that most of their classmates will be. 


Business and health majors are popular choices among students, along with many education majors, real estate and interior design options, including a minor in architectural lighting, and strong music programs. Overall the academic atmosphere is pre-professional, and students say they are well-supported with real-world projects and industry connections.

Athletics and Student Recreation Center

A huge, modern student recreation center, billed as “200,000 square feet of inspiration”, helps students balance a strong mind with a strong body. The center is complete with classes, cardio rooms, a climbing wall, weights, a student store, a smoothie bar, and other perks. The recreation center is the first stop on the admission tour, and bustling with activity all day long. 

Indeed, nearly all students on campus are dressed in fitness clothes, and appear ready for a workout, either before or after class. Another beloved perk on campus is the Chick-fil-A dining option; the university set a record for sales in its first year, according to my tour guide.

TCU’s varsity athletics are a great source of pride for the university. The institution supports its students with a robust career center, and professors who invest in their students’ learning. With a 94% freshman retention rate, students who choose TCU are very happy there. TCU exudes pride in its traditions, and provides a college experience its students love.

For students who are seeking Southern-style Greek life culture as a cornerstone of their university experience, TCU could be an excellent fit. 


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