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        By Liz Jackson

Many in the world of higher education and college admissions were surprised by the huge uptick in early applications at the U.S.’s most selective colleges. The causes and effects of that are topics for another blog, but one lesson that this year’s early application round illustrated more clearly than ever is that college admissions at many selective colleges is about more than numbers. In a conversation just yesterday with someone in admissions, I was told, “We want engaged students.” 

Colleges are famous for the depth and breadth of extracurricular opportunities they provide for students–from a cappella groups to service trips abroad. So it should be no surprise that they seek students who will take full advantage of those opportunities and who have demonstrated their engagement in high school.

The best part about engaging in extracurricular activities in high school? It is fun! I hope you will take a look at Eric’s advice about how to engage meaningfully in activities as well as our upcoming chat about exploring summer opportunities. And, if you are looking to learn something new this winter or spring, please check out our enrichment courses!

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