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Reading is one of the most important activities that students can engage in, both during the academic year and over the summer. Reading has been shown to be the best predictor of college success and does. Oh, yeah, and it can be lots of fun, too!

Here are some major reasons why reading is beneficial to college-bound students and where they can find suggestions for a wide-range of interests.

Why reading is so important for college-bound students:

*Reading will help students succeed in high school.

*Reading will help students succeed in classes in college.

*Reading will help students build their vocabulary.

*Reading will help students improve their reading comprehension.

*Reading will help students improve their writing.

*Reading will help students delve deeper into their current interests or find new ones.

*Reading will help students with their college application essays.

*Reading is a way for freshmen and sophomores to begin preparing for college without obsessing over college from the first day of high school.

*Reading can be done anywhere.

*Reading is relaxing and fun.


Now that we have mentioned a few of the benefits of reading for college-bound students, here are some suggestions for finding high-quality summer reading materials:

If you don’t already do it, start a habit of reading the newspaper daily.

Ask the teacher of your favorite course for his or her recommendations.

Stop into your local library or bookstore and ask for suggestions. If you tell them what your favorite book is or what your interests are, they’ll be able to recommend something to suit your tastes.

Check out your high school’s recommended summer reading list, or check out other schools’ lists to find something new.

Have a favorite book and looking for something similar to read next? Check out the “What to Read Next” tool here: http://www.whatshouldireadnext.com/

Check out recommended reading for college-bound students here:



Find reading lists by theme from the New York Public Library here:


Find thematic reading lists from the Los Angeles Public Library here: http://www.lapl.org/collections-resources/lapl-reads

Recommended reading lists from the Madison Public Library are available here:



Happy summer, happy reading!


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