Enrichment Courses

Virtual Writing Club
(for middle school students)
Join our 8-session virtual writing club for middle school students! We will learn about, read examples of, and try our hand at writing in various forms, including poems, short essays, short stories, memoirs, and more. Our Writing Club is a great way to keep students engaged in writing while they’re not in school.
Monday – Thursday from 3/23 – 4/2 (2 weeks)
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Harry Potter Book Club
(for middle school students)
Calling all middle school muggles: now is as good a time as ever to escape into the world of J.K. Rowling’sHarry Potter Series. Book club meetings will include a spellbinding mixture of close reading exercises, discussion, character analysis — and fun! We’ll start with Sorcerer’s Stone and journey on from there. Whether you are reading Harry Potter for the first time or the thousandth, your experience is sure to be magical!
Monday – Thursday from 3/23 – 4/2 (2 weeks)
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Online Conversational Spanish
(for high school students in Spanish level 3 or higher)
Join our 8-session to practice speaking Spanish while school is not in session.  Daily practice speaking and listening in Spanish will help to keep your language skills sharp while school is out!  Visual aids and printable resources will be provided to help students describe, react, respond, and ask questions with more ease and fluency in our online format.
Monday – Thursday from 3/23 – 4/2 (2 weeks)
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Want to learn how to write code or a sonnet? Interested in building your own logo or your Spanish vocabulary? Want to investigate infinity? How about all of the above? Get engaged, get excited, and get enriched with our gamut of spring Enrichment Course offerings.

All classes are 9 weeks long, beginning the week of April 5th and ending the week of June 1st.

Spring Term 2020


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Intro to Programming

7/8 graders: Mondays, 5PM – 6PM

Starts Monday, April 6

Instructor: Lori Hunt

This course uses Python as an introduction to the concepts of programming – output, input, variables, graphics using python turtles, and basic arithmetic operations. No experience in programming is necessary or expected for this course.


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Intro to Digital Illustration

7/8 graders: Tuesdays, 6PM – 7PM

Starts Tuesday, April 7

Instructor: Eric Lynne

In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of digital illustration through an investigation into brand design. By the end of the course, students will have a deeper understanding of brand identity and the ability to create their own custom logos.


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Math: Sets, Infinity, and Proofs

For students in Algebra 2 or above: Tuesdays, 6PM – 7PM

Starts Tuesday, April 7

Instructor: Caitlyn Booms

This is an opportunity to investigate these three fundamental concepts beyond the confines of a math textbook. Designed for students who have taken or are currently taking Algebra 2 — and are curious to dig deeper into the world of math!


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Math: Intro to Probability

For students in Algebra 1 or above: Thursdays, 6PM – 7PM

Starts Thursday, April 9

Instructor: Griffin Bur

In this thorough introduction to probability, students will achieve basic competency in permutations, combinations, Pascal’s triangle, the binomial theorem, and other essential elements of probability, which is itself the key to statistics.


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Business, Finance, and Investing

7/8 graders: Thursdays, 6PM – 7PM
9/10 graders: Thursdays, 7PM – 8PMN

Starts Thursday, April 9

Instructor: Shane Leadholm

Interested in learning more about the business and finance industry? This introductory business course will teach students the basic foundations of a variety of business topics including business operations, finance, marketing, and economics. Throughout this course, students will participate in class discussions, individual and group projects, case studies, and an online stock market simulation competition against their peers.


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