Galin Enrichment Courses

Our enrichment courses provide middle school and high school students with the opportunity to explore new or developing interests with highly-qualified, dynamic instructors. These courses can help students build skills in critical thinking, problem solving, writing and more! From computer coding to creative writing and from business to research, we have many options for varying interests. 


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Coding: Intro to Python

For students in grades 7-10
Instructor: Kireina
Thursdays from 6PM-7PM, beginning 10/14

Coding is now considered by many to be a basic computer literacy skill. This course is an introduction to the concepts of programming – output, input, variables, graphics using python turtles, and basic arithmetic operations. No experience in programming is necessary or expected for this course.

Coding: Continuing Python

For students in grades 7-10
Instructor: Kireina
Thursdays from 7PM-8PM, beginning 10/14

This course will explore Pygame, a set of Python modules designed to create fully featured video games and multimedia programs. Completion of the first course or previous Python experience is required.

Coding: Intro to Java

For students in grades 8-12

Get practical experience developing programs with the Java programming language. We will look at ways to get and store information provided from the user in message dialog boxes and in the command line. We will also explore how computers make decisions in Java and the social responsibility of the people who program them. No prior experience with coding is necessary.

Business Basics

For students in grades 6-8
Instructor: Shane
Tuesdays from 6-7PM, beginning 10/12

This course will teach students the foundations of a variety of business topics including business operations, finance, marketing, and economics. Students will also participate in discussions, projects, and a stock market simulation competition.

Critical Thinking: Logic

For students in grades 6-8
Instructor: Katie
Thursdays from 6PM-7PM, beginning 10/14

Get ready to sharpen your reasoning skills. What counts as a movie spoiler? How do I prove that all zebras have stripes? Do square circles exist? In this course, we'll explore how logic can help us understand conditions, unravel paradoxes, analyze evidence, and reconstruct arguments. This is the first course in a three-part series on developing critical thinking skills.

Creative Writing Flash Fiction

For students in grades 6-8

Creative writing with word limits can be challenging and yet still effective in accomplishing character and plot development. Sharpen your writing skills through the art of flash fiction including the six-word story, dribbles, drabbles, and more.

Intro to Research (Virtual)

For students in grades 9-12
Instructor: Chelsea
Thursdays from 6:30PM-8PM, beginning 10/14
*This course meets virtually

Students will learn basic concepts designed to get them thinking about questions from a research perspective. They will learn about forming research questions, conducting literature reviews, creating testable hypotheses, and designing research processes. Students will strengthen their critical thinking and communication skills through group discussions and the design of their own research questions. This course is intended to be the first in a series of research courses and opportunities.

Continuing Research

For students in grades 9-12

Students will learn how to apply knowledge learned in Intro to Research to complete a micro-scale research study from beginning to end. From creating a class-wide research question to collecting data and drawing conclusions from basic statistical analyses, students will immerse themselves in the full research process. Completion of Intro to Research or similar experience is required.

Problem Solving with Probability 1

For students in grades 7-10 who have completed Algebra 1

Challenge yourself with critical thinking in math. In this introduction to probability, students will explore permutations, combinations, sums of various series and their proofs, the Birthday paradox, and other essential foundations of probability, which is itself the key to statistics.

Our enrichment instructors are teachers, tutors, and career professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience to share with students. Many have designed the enrichment courses they teach or have extensive experience teaching in a subject area. They are also life-long learners who are always growing their own knowledge as they work to develop and teach interesting enrichment topics.

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