Meet the Instructor: Lori Hunt

Intro to Programming

Lori has worked with the AP Board on computer science courses and has written curriculum and content for the International Academy of Science. She has also collaborated on textbooks with college professors. She continues to challenge herself by sharpening her own computer science knowledge at universities such as MIT, University of San Jose, UW–Madison and Marquette and through national conferences funded by the National Science Foundation and CSTA. With all of this experience, Lori still loves to find new and engaging ways to share her passion for computer science with her students.

Lori enjoys teaching programming because she loves seeing students fall in love with programming like she did! She also appreciates the boundless creativity that students have when they are writing code. She decided to teach the fundamentals of Python specifically because Python is a great first language to learn.

Meet the Instructor: Eric Lynne

Intro to Digital Illustration

Eric is happy to be living in the Madison area where he earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin. After graduating with a love of literature and education, Eric attended Brown University to earn his Masters in the Art of Teaching in Secondary English. As the Director of Essay Coaching and Brand Management at Galin Education, Eric has an ear for witty wordsmithing and an eye for design. Eric uses the former when helping rising seniors craft their college essays, and he is excited to share the latter with his Enrichment Course students this spring.

Meet the Instructor: Caitlyn Booms

Math: Sets, Infinity, and Proofs

Two of the things that Caitlyn enjoys most are math and teaching, so she is very excited to be teaching this course! After getting her Bachelors of Science in Honors Mathematics at the University of Notre Dame ( where she was involved in various tutoring programs, was president of the Math Club, and took a ridiculous number of math courses), Caitlyn moved to WI where she is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Mathematics at UW-Madison. In Madison, she has loved being a tutor at Galin Education and being a Calculus II Teaching Assistant at UW, through which she has been able to connect with students and grow her passion for teaching.

This course is primarily based off of topics that Caitlyn learned in her after-school Math Club at her small high school in Michigan. Two of her teachers there started this club to explore fun, interesting math topics that aren’t usually taught in high school. Among the most intriguing of these topics were the lessons on sets and infinities. Caitlyn can’t wait to share these concepts with her students, especially since learning them herself in high school helped inspire her to major in math. In college, Caitlyn was then exposed to the ideas of mathematical proof, which totally changed her perspective on what math really is and why it’s so fundamental to our understanding of the world and the truth. She is looking forward to describing how to prove something mathematically, and she hopes this will be a course that gets students thinking in new ways!

Meet the Instructor: Griffin Bur

Intro to Probability

Griffin is originally from Kansas City, Missouri and earned his BA from UNC-Chapel Hill, serving as a student radio DJ and co-president of Student Action with Workers, a social justice group on campus. He graduated with highest honors in political science and political economy in 2014. These days, he is nearly an “all but dissertation” PhD candidate at the UW in sociology; he earned his MS in sociology in 2019 from the UW. In his free time, he enjoys playing the guitar, trail runs with his partner Caitlin, and walking his dog Eleanor.

Griffin was a good math student in high school, but he only came to truly appreciate the beauty and practicality of math in college and especially in grad school. He is particularly passionate about statistics, which is an essential part of sociological research but also very useful in virtually all professional fields and trades, from finance and law, to medicine and public policy. A solid knowledge of statistics even makes pop culture phenomena, whether sports-related or politics-related, easier and more fun to follow. Griffin has taught six semesters of introductory sociology courses at the UW, all of which have some statistical orientation; he will teach introduction to statistics for social scientists (SOC360) at the UW this summer.

Meet the Instructor: Shane Leadholm

Business, Finance, and Investing

Shane has happily worked as a Business, Marketing, & Information Technology teacher in the Madison area for over 5 years. He has taught a variety of courses including Introduction to Business, Personal Finance, Social Media Marketing, Sports & Entertainment Marketing, Business Law, the Microsoft Office Suite, and Yearbook Design. He is also a certified adjust teacher from UW-Oshkosh and certified dual credit teacher from Madison College. Shane earned his Undergraduate Degree in Business Education from Edgewood College, where he was also a member of the basketball and golf teams. Recently, Shane completed his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. One of Shane’s favorite things about teaching is watching students find their passion as well as watching students grow both personally and intellectually. Outside of teaching he enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants and coffee shops, golfing, working out, watching and playing sports, and spending time with his family, friends, and dog Pablo. Shane looks forward to using his experience and passion for business to teach the Enrichment courses here at Galin Education.