Meet the Instructor: Lori Hunt

Intro to Programming

Lori has worked with the AP Board on computer science courses and has written curriculum and content for the International Academy of Science. She has also collaborated on textbooks with college professors. She continues to challenge herself by sharpening her own computer science knowledge at universities such as MIT, University of San Jose, UW–Madison and Marquette and through national conferences funded by the National Science Foundation and CSTA. With all of this experience, Lori still loves to find new and engaging ways to share her passion for computer science with her students.

Lori enjoys teaching programming because she loves seeing students fall in love with programming like she did! She also appreciates the boundless creativity that students have when they are writing code. She decided to teach the fundamentals of Python specifically because Python is a great first language to learn.

Meet the Instructor: Eric Lynne

Intro to Digital Illustration

Eric is happy to be living in the Madison area where he earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin. After graduating with a love of literature and education, Eric attended Brown University to earn his Masters in the Art of Teaching in Secondary English. As the Director of Essay Coaching and Brand Management at Galin Education, Eric has an ear for witty wordsmithing and an eye for design. Eric uses the former when helping rising seniors craft their college essays, and he is excited to share the latter with his Enrichment Course students this spring.

Meet the Instructor: Hannah Blaser

Intro to Poetic Forms & Poetry Workshop

Hannah loves calling Madison home. Originally from rural Illinois, she graduated from St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa with degrees in creative writing and strategic communication and a minor in journalism. She served as both a staff writer and editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper, interned as a communications editor, and worked as a writing tutor while in college. She was also on the literary journal board, spent a summer at a literacy non-profit, and volunteered at World Relief where she helped teach English. Hannah is excited to share her love of learning and writing in her Enrichment Courses. When she isn’t at work, Hannah enjoys hiking, kayaking, reading, and practicing her creative writing.

Meet the Instructor: Allyson Forseth

Conversational Spanish

Allyson is a native to the Madison area. After high school, she left her family’s farm in south-central Wisconsin to move to the city to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a first-generation college student. She discovered her love of travel, language, and experiencing other cultures during a trip to Costa Rica, which inspired her to study abroad in Granada, Spain in college. During her college career, she also volunteered as a tutor in various schools in the Madison area. After being accepted to UW’s World Language Education program, she spent two years studying curriculum and instructional techniques while student teaching in Spanish classes ranging from Kindergarten through high school. Upon graduating with a degree in Spanish Education, Allyson was hired at a local high school, where she remained for four years before joining the Galin Education team. She has extensive experience developing communicative curriculum to promote language acquisition, has presented at district and state education conferences, and has even organized and led a trip to Nicaragua with 29 students. Allyson is excited to get back into a classroom to share her love of language and help excited students increase their confidence and language proficiency in Spanish. In her free time, she loves to cook vegan food, practice yoga, travel, read memoirs and non-fiction, and spend time with her English bulldog, Randy.

Meet the Instructor: Caitlyn Booms

Math: Sets, Infinity, and Proofs

Two of the things that Caitlyn enjoys most are math and teaching, so she is very excited to be teaching this course! After getting her Bachelors of Science in Honors Mathematics at the University of Notre Dame ( where she was involved in various tutoring programs, was president of the Math Club, and took a ridiculous number of math courses), Caitlyn moved to WI where she is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Mathematics at UW-Madison. In Madison, she has loved being a tutor at Galin Education and being a Calculus II Teaching Assistant at UW, through which she has been able to connect with students and grow her passion for teaching.

This course is primarily based off of topics that Caitlyn learned in her after-school Math Club at her small high school in Michigan. Two of her teachers there started this club to explore fun, interesting math topics that aren’t usually taught in high school. Among the most intriguing of these topics were the lessons on sets and infinities. Caitlyn can’t wait to share these concepts with her students, especially since learning them herself in high school helped inspire her to major in math. In college, Caitlyn was then exposed to the ideas of mathematical proof, which totally changed her perspective on what math really is and why it’s so fundamental to our understanding of the world and the truth. She is looking forward to describing how to prove something mathematically, and she hopes this will be a course that gets students thinking in new ways!

Meet the Instructor: Griffin Bur

Chess for Beginners

Bio coming soon!