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Veterinary School Admissions

Our Approach

The mission of Galin Education’s veterinary school admission counseling program is to help clients reach their professional goals of practicing veterinary medicine by assisting them with all the components of the application process to veterinary school. From understanding prerequisite course requirements to identifying clinical experiences and writing essays, we can provide the assistance to help you reach your goals. Our counselors have worked with students from a wide variety of backgrounds and undergraduate institutions and helped them prepare applications to programs across the country. Whether you have years of professional experience or are just starting your college education; whether you know exactly what you want to do or need help figuring it out, Galin’s veterinary school advisors will help guide you through the process. At the heart of our work with clients is the expertise of our counselors and the trusting relationships they build with you to ensure you prepare a veterinary school application that presents the best possible case for why you should be a veterinarian.

Auburn University Colorado State University Cornell University
Iowa State University Kansas State University Lincoln Memorial University
Long Island University Louisiana State University Michigan State University
Midwestern University Mississippi State University North Carolina State U
Ohio State University Oklahoma State University Oregon State University
Purdue University Tufts University Tuskegee University
University of Arizona College of Veterinary Medicine University of California-Davis University of Florida
University of Georgia University of Illinois University of Minnesota
University of Missouri University of Pennsylvania University of Tennessee
University of Wisconsin Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine Washington State University
Western University of Health Sciences Texas Tech University*

Veterinary School Admissions and the VMCAS

There are 32 graduate programs in veterinary medicine in the United States that are Council of Education accredited and accept the Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS) application. Through the VMCAS, you complete and submit a single application for any of these schools.

*Opening soon; requires TMDSAS medical school application

Give Yourself an Edge

If you’re interested in becoming a veterinarian, you’re likely already aware that the veterinary school admissions process is highly competitive. Vet schools are looking for students who have earned excellent grades in required courses and have a demonstrated aptitude for science. But beyond your grades, your essays, your interviews, and your experiences outside the classroom make a big difference. Galin’s Veterinary School Admissions Services will help you stand out from the crowd. We will help you craft applications that effectively convey your story and your strengths.

Whether you are already in the process of applying to veterinarian school or have just started college and are looking ahead to the future, our experienced admissions counselors can offer you valuable support, guidance, and tools to craft yourself into an exceptional veterinary school candidate.

High school students does test prep at Galin Education.

Hourly Veterinary School Admissions Consulting

Suited for clients who need assistance with specific parts of the veterinary school admission process, such as:

  • Selecting essay topics
  • Accurately completing your academic history and supporting materials information
  • Ensuring transcripts, test scores, and recommendations are correctly submitted
  • Identifying proper letter of recommendation writers
  • Advising on completion of research and clinical hours

Our advisors provide one-on-one advice as needed and help you submit strong VMCAS applications.

Vet School Admissions Counseling Services

Galin offers veterinary school admissions services to meet the needs of many veterinary school applicants.

Personal Pre-Veterinary Advising Program

  • Suited for clients as early as their freshman years of college
  • Provides counseling all the way through the completed vet school application process
  • Our advisors help you select classes, identify extracurricular and clinical experiences
  • Our advisors assist you in completing and reviewing your VMCAS application

Loop Abroad

One of the best ways you gain a better understanding of what the veterinary profession is like and boost your chances of being admitted to veterinary school is participating in high-quality clinical experiences. Galin is proud to partner with Loop Abroad, which provides the best pre-vet experiences for students interested in special species animal care, conservation, and animal research. We hope you will check out their website at www.loopabroad.com.

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