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Finding Your Fit: A Podcast with Galin Education’s College Counselors

Episode 1: Big City College Life

When many people picture “college,” they think of leafy, green quads where students throw frisbees and are removed from the hustle-and-bustle of non-collegiate life. But some students want college experiences where they will be integrated into the cities where they go to school. At these colleges, campuses are not clearly separated from the cities they call home.

What’s it like to attend college at an urban campus? Liz and Paula talk with Fordham University’s Jerrod Ames about Fordham’s two campuses in New York City, what they have to offer and what types of students might enjoy studying and living in a big city.

Hosts: Galin’s Liz Jackson and Paula Wheeler
Guest: Jerrod Ames, Assistant Director of Admission, Fordham University

If you love cities and want an urban campus, take a look at these schools:

Download the clickable map here!

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