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Happy Winter Break! We hope you enjoy the break with family and friends. Here at Galin Education, our tutors and staff were eager to share some of their favorite things about the season. 

Going and cutting down a Christmas tree with my family -Ian

Attempting to make a turkey solo – Khuram

I love eating latkes at my family’s Hanukkah party. – Emily A. 

Going skiing! – Merritt

Christmas Tree decorating – Maria

Coming up with silly things to write on gift tags. – Gabbi

Playing bingo with my family! We’re very competitive and always have funny prizes – Kim

Most Christmases, my uncles sing carols as my aunt accompanies on the piano. I love listening to them as I sip hot a hot drink. – Eric

For New Year’s Eve everyone in my family makes an appetizer and then we just graze all night – Kathleen

Hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree – Sylvia

Making molasses cookies with my family for Christmas – Emily B. 

Every year for as far back as I can remember, my aunts construct gingerbread houses for my cousins and me to decorate! There’s a table full of candy, and our uncles award joke “prizes” for Best in Show, Most Creative, Most Structurally Sound, etc. – Hannah

Having the day off from work – Anthony

No matter how you decide to spend it, we hope you enjoy your break! If you’re looking for a little reading by the fire, check out our upcoming Galin Chats, take a Galin Tour (from the comfort of your own home!), or read through one of our Galin Guides


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