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       By Allyson Forseth

The team here at Galin Education is full of individuals dedicated to teaching, coaching, and supporting students outside of a traditional classroom setting. For many of us, the seeds of this dedication were planted long ago, by our own positive experiences in education, usually by an educator who went above and beyond. We have all had a teacher who stayed by our side during an especially hard year, sparked passion in us for a specific content area, or made us believe that we could do something challenging when we didn’t believe in ourselves. That’s why, this week, it’s time we honor those who got us where we are today — those who have taught, coached, inspired, and supported us, and those continue to do so today: teachers.

In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, we asked some members of the Galin Education team to name a teacher who has inspired them and to explain what makes the teacher so special. Here’s what they shared:

Ms. Gloria Gaither inspired me in eighth grade when she told me I’m a good writer. – Gabbi, Academic Coach

Dr. Bohenen, my English teacher junior year of high school, taught me to write really well. Most importantly, he taught me the importance of asking myself the question “So what?” when writing. In other words, why is it important for anyone else to know that information and care about it? – Sylvia, Galin Fellow, Tutor, and Essay Coach

Mrs. Fippin! Her passion for literature and drama, and her dedication to the Speech team were just so grounding and inspiring. – Kathleen, Tutor

My high school Biology teacher was a great inspiration for me. He showed me how amazing all of the different forms of life on our planet are, and the incredible ways that we can use biology to improve the world for humans and animals. – Emily A., Tutor

One of my English professors, Nancy Hayes, still inspires me endlessly. Her passion for what she taught and her students was contagious. You couldn’t be in Nancy’s class and not learn, smile, and just enjoy your time with her. She has this amazing warmth about her and an outpouring of optimism and support for her students and their dreams. I still get so, so excited when I receive emails from her. – Hannah, Program Manager, Tutor, and Essay Coach

My AP European History teacher in junior year of high school, Mr. May. He made learning about EVERYTHING really fun — even complex (or sometimes boring!) topics. He also used a lot of visuals, from movies to drawing timelines together, that helped us see the information laid out and really take it in. This has inspired how I teach today, from incorporating a range of different activities that help all learning styles to trying to make everything I teach enjoyable for my students. – Kimberly, Tutor

We have had such positive educational experiences thanks to our own educators, and we know we are not the only ones! This week, Galin Education is sending a huge THANK YOU to all the talented and brave individuals who have devoted their lives to educating the next generation. Thank you for inspiring us, supporting us, and helping us to become the coaches, tutors, and people we are today. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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