by Paula Wheeler


Our college counseling team learned so much during a recent conversation with Dickinson College Associate Director of Admissions James Malone. While the Carlisle, Pa., liberal arts school is the country’s 16th-oldest college, its focus on educating and preparing students is distinctively forward-looking, as it is known for an emphasis on global education and sustainability. Here are some interesting aspects that James shared with us!

  • Among the student body of more than 2,300 undergraduates, 21% are domestic students of color and 14% are international, representing 50 countries. Domestic students hail from 38 states/territories.
  • The most popular major at Dickinson is international business and management. Other popular majors include biology and other sciences (often pre-med), psychology, economics/quantitative economics, political science, business analytics and entrepreneurship. Majors can be very interdisciplinary at Dickinson, and ⅔ of students double major or complete a major and a minor. 
  • With a focus on global engagement and education, it’s no surprise that a relatively high percentage of Dickinson students study abroad – 63% (the national average is 10%). Students can choose from among 18 faculty-directed programs campuses in 15 countries and offers more than 30 partner programs on six continents.
  • Dickinson’s program in environmental science is nationally recognized, and they are proud to be one of the first carbon-neutral colleges in the U.S. The school boasts a 180-acre, student-run farm just off campus. Among other benefits, the farm provides fresh produce for campus meal plan, and James says most every Dickinson student spends time at the farm, whether working, volunteering or attending a festival or performing arts event.
  • 93% of Dickinson students complete an internship, externship, research, field experience or service learning course. James says, “100% of students who want an internship experience are guaranteed one.


Things you might not know about Dickinson:

  • Admissions does not consider standardized test scores in admissions, but they do track demonstrated interest, and they do recommend preparing for and completing an interview. They also meet 100% of demonstrated financial need, and there is no application fee!
  • The college offers a highly-ranked, competitive ballet certificate program in partnership with the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet.
  • Dickinson has a strong partnership with the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle and they share some faculty. About 60 internships are offered at USARC every year there for Dickinson students, and Dickinson’s ROTC students are able to interact with USARC faculty.
  • Dickinson students are extremely engaged! The average student is involved in at least four of the 120+ clubs and organizations on campus.
  • Dickinson’s president is launching a grant-supported civil dialogues initiative to encourage and teach open, respectful discourse through monthly forums and more.


For a globally-minded and/or sustainability-focused student seeking a traditional liberal arts education in a smaller setting, with plenty of options for getting involved on campus and gaining real-world experience, Dickinson is a great school to consider!