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Fast Facts:

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Size: Approximately 14,000 undergraduate students
Known for: Engineering, Architecture, Computer Science
Rankings: #24 National Universities, #8 Engineering Programs, #2 Computer Science (US News & World Report)

If you’re interested in all things STEM and want to be around like-minded students, Carnegie Mellon University could be the place for you. CMU is known for its unparalleled resources for students in all disciplines – but particularly engineering and computer science. Students have the opportunity to work alongside professors and other professionals on a campus that is continuously expanding to serve the population’s needs.

Reasons to consider Carnegie Mellon University:

  1. CMU values environmental sustainability. While there are programs for students to study the subject, the campus is working towards helping students live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. CMU has the very first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)-certified residence hall in the US!
  2. CMU values work-life balance for all students. It’s no secret that Carnegie Mellon students are very busy and driven – for this reason, CMU has a daily “meeting free” period. During this time, there are no classes held anywhere on campus. This gives students the opportunity to study, relax, or participate in social activities on campus.
  3. CMU’s students are innovators. Ever heard of Duolingo? That’s right – the popular language-learning app was founded by two Carnegie Mellon alumni.
  4. Campus is full of decades-long traditions. For example, “the fence” is a popular spot for artistic students. While it technically is still a fence, it more so resembles a large blob as it is reportedly the second most painted object in the world. The catch is that students who plan to paint it must stake out the location (usually overnight), and stay nearby to keep other students from painting over their designs.
  5. CMU is incredibly diverse. 90% of students are from outside of Pennsylvania and half of students identify as a person of color.

If you’re looking for academic rigor and amazing resources for research and scholastic growth, all while enjoying the bustling city of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon may be the place for you!

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