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Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) is a mid-sized research institution in Cleveland, Ohio. Most renowned for their STEM majors, Pre-medical, Nursing, and Engineering programs, CWRU also excels in Business and the Liberal Arts. Students are accepted into the university independent of their major. It is easy to transfer from college to college if a student chooses. 

There are 3 teaching and medical research hospitals on campus which is ideal for students interested in pre-med. 

CWRU offers D3 sports and Greek life in addition to rigorous academic programs. 

CWRU School of Engineering: 

Home of the impressive Sears think[box] – a 7 story building with floors dedicated to a different aspect of the creation process. Unlike some other schools, students can easily double major in an area outside of engineering. There is a required first year experience where students learn about the different types of engineering offered before they choose what they’d like to specialize in. Many students choose to enroll in a 5th year at CWRU to get their Master’s degree in engineering

CWRU School of Nursing: 

Ranked 5th in the nation, the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing boasts that their students complete 1,000 hours of clinical hours before graduating. In fact, nursing students enter the hospitals for clinicals within their first 5 weeks of school Freshman year. 

There is no additional application to get into nursing; if you are accepted to CWRU, you can choose to be in their nursing program. It is not recommended to double major as a nursing student, but it can be done if a student is willing to add another year to their schooling. CWRU nursing students have a 90% passing rate for the NCLEX

Weatherhead School of Management: 

Weatherhead School of Management describes its program as “unpretentious excellence” and places a large emphasis on experiential learning. All students are required to complete a capstone project senior year, and have the option to get their Master’s degree in 5 years. They have set up a Wall Street trek and a Silicon Valley trek for students interested in networking/interning/working in these areas. They also don’t have classes on Fridays!

If you are looking for a school with academic rigor, rich opportunities in STEM fields, as well as the flexibility to explore majors, Case Western Reserve University might be for you!