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Many schools have career centers or professional development services offering their students career advising, internship fairs, and assistance with resumes and cover letters. But some colleges and universities go above and beyond to support their students in pursuing their career goals or continuing education plans. 

See our list below!

Clark University:

Planning on a master’s degree? Clark offers 14 accelerated BA/masters programs. Students in the Accelerated Degree Program can earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s in 5 years, with tuition for the 5th year eligible to be covered by scholarships. Degrees span from business fields to education and chemistry.


The Cane Careers Job Placement Guarantee program promises students will be employed or accepted to a graduate school program within six months of graduating from Tulsa. To be eligible, students must complete career development programming and an active search process.

Saint Louis University:

SLU Medical Scholars is an early assurance program that helps students build experience and make connections, along with providing support with medical school applications and a guaranteed interview to SLU School of Medicine. 80% of participants are admitted to medical school. SLU also has Scholars programs in Law, Nutrition and Dietetics, Pharmacy, PA, and Speech/Language/Hearing Sciences, which guarantee interviews or admission depending on the program. 


The Hospitality and Tourism Management major at Purdue utilizes a unique facility: the Union Club Hotel. Through the LAUNCH Hospitality Immersion Program, students gain hands-on hospitality and management experience at the campus-run hotel and restaurants. 

Drexel University:

Cooperative education programs (co-op) can be a great way to get relevant, hands-on experience in a particular field. Drexel brings together classroom and co-op employment for an integrated learning experience, with students alternating semesters between coursework and employment. Many Drexel students select a five-year plan that involves three distinct co-op experiences during their undergraduate education. 

Creighton University:

Creighton touts its pre-professional advising and guarantee program as the country’s most comprehensive. Creighton offers “premier” and intentional pre-professional advising programs to all students, and multiple Pre-Professional Scholars Programs that provide qualifying students with guaranteed opportunities. These include guaranteed admission to Creighton’s dental school or school of law, and guaranteed interviews for Creighton’s medical school or its post-graduate programs in pharmacy, physical therapy or occupational therapy.

High Point University:

High Point, which bills itself as a “life skills university,” offers many programs meant to provide students with early, experiential career preparation. Students are assigned a personal Success Coach, take a required Life Skills course, and practice networking in a simulated plane fuselage or on-campus fine dining restaurants. Those who engage in career preparation activities and advising consistently are also guaranteed an internship

University of Cincinnati:

The first cooperative education program (co-op) was launched at Cincinnati, and their co-op program is still strong today. Students can choose between traditional (semester-long, full-time), part-time, and project based options, with employers across the globe.

Indiana University:

Ready for a great career, but not sure which one? IU has an Exploratory Program for students who have not decided on a major and would like to take their first year to learn more about their options. 5% of incoming students are Exploratory, and those who take time to explore before diving into a major are actually more likely to graduate in four years.

Michigan State:

Hospitality Business students in Michigan State’s Broad College of Business have the opportunity to pursue employment at the Kellogg Center. Students develop customer service experience and other hospitality skills at the Kellogg Center’s hotel and restaurant. 

Claremont McKenna:

The Soll Center for Student Opportunity is home to Claremont McKenna’s career advising and professional development resources.The Soll Center offers access to guided career exploration, one-on-one mentorship, internship funding, and a built-in alumni network. Claremont’s approach leads to 97% of students employed or pursuing higher education within 6 months of graduation.


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