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Fairfield University: A Thriving Campus Community

By July 26, 2023No Comments

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Values-driven, student-centered, and outcomes-oriented are the central tenets of a Fairfield University education.  A Jesuit college in Connecticut, best known for its nursing and business programs, its picturesque campus, and its proximity to New York City, just a train ride away, Fairfield is a thriving community that is worth a look!

While many universities struggled to maintain their enrollments as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fairfield’s undergraduate population has actually grown by 20% and is now just over 5,000 students. Over the last five years, the student population has also become much more geographically diverse, and the university is religiously diverse as well, with just over half its students identifying as Catholic (a relatively small percentage for most Catholic universities).

Fairfield’s most popular undergraduate programs are in nursing and business, for which its admission standards are somewhat higher (be sure to take AP Bio if you want to study nursing, and at least Pre-calculus if you want to study business). But another important element of the academic experience at Fairfield is its “Magis Core,” a common set of courses that all Fairfield undergraduates take alongside their majors. The Magis Core accounts for approximately 30% of the courses most students take and helps Fairfield students develop strong analytical writing skills, the ability to think critically and interdisciplinarily, technological literacy,  and become excellent, ethical communicators. 

Students who apply to Fairfield are automatically considered for merit scholarships (nearly 80% of incoming first-year students receive a scholarship) and for the Honors College, which is particularly popular among students in the School of Arts and Sciences. Honors College students receive a $2,500 research grant to do funded research projects during their summer breaks, and they also engage in extra interdisciplinary coursework.

Fairfield seeks students with strong high-school academic performance who fit with the mission of the university, seeking to make a positive impact with the education they receive. If you think you might apply to Fairfield, you should absolutely set up a time to do an admissions interview!  Fairfield’s admissions office is friendly and student-centric, and students who interview are also admitted at higher rates than those who do not.

Last but not least, Fairfield’s location makes it a great place to look if you are interested in attending college on the East Coast.  Located just a mile from the beach, and on the commuter train to Manhattan, Fairfield offers students the best of both worlds – a leafy, beautiful suburban campus near the ocean, with access to the largest city in the U.S. for internships and networking opportunities.

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