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5 Unique Aspects of Lehigh University

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Fast Facts:

Enrollment: 5800 undergraduate, 7500 total
Location: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Known for: Engineering, business, humanities

5 Unique Aspects of Lehigh University

Lehigh University is known for its engineering programs, but that’s not all it has to offer! A focus on collaboration and involvement create a unique campus atmosphere that may appeal to a variety of students. Just one hour away from Philadelphia and 90 minutes from New York City, Lehigh’s location in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania offers the best of both worlds. Read on to learn more.

1. Interdisciplinary study:

Lehigh prioritizes cross-disciplinary inquiry and study both in research and academics. It offers some unique intercollegiate degrees, featuring partnerships between departments like Computer Science and Business; Integrated Business and Engineering; and Engineering, Arts, and Sciences. With 13 undergraduate interdisciplinary programs and unique offerings like a 5-year Arts and Engineering dual degree, Lehigh is a great place for students with interests across multiple fields.

2. Accessible faculty:

Faculty are expected to be student-focused and approachable outside of the classroom, holding required office hours and serving as mentors. Lehigh’s 10:1 student to faculty ratio and average class size under 30 allow for more personalized attention than many larger schools.

3. Research involvement:

Lehigh students can get involved with research through the school’s summer Mountaintop Initiative, which pairs students with faculty mentors and pushes students to take the lead in their research. Mountaintop Fellows receive a stipend along with professional development and networking exposure to a variety of experts.

4. International opportunities:

Students hoping for a global experience will find plenty of opportunities at Lehigh. The Iacocca International Internship Program offers 100+ funded internships per year in up to 32 countries. Global Social Impact Fellows also extend their reach beyond the US, working on projects with real-world outcomes in various countries. 

5. Strong outcomes:

91% of Lehigh students participate in an internship or co-op during their time on campus. This focus on career development pays off–Lehigh graduates have a 95% placement rate, with most students employed or continuing their education after graduation.

If an interdisciplinary lens and global reach appeal to you, learn more about Lehigh today!