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Rice University Quick Facts:

  • Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 6:1
  • Location: Houston, TX
  • Rank: Among the nation’s top 20 universities
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 4,480

Life in Houston

The most impressive feature of Houston is the Texas Medical Center, the biggest medical center in America. It’s home to an incredible 21 hospitals, 8 specialty institutions, 8 academic and research institutions, 4 medical schools, 7 nursing schools, 3 public health organizations, 2 pharmacy schools, and a dental school. All this is just five minutes from the Rice University campus! 

Rice is situated on 300 acres of flat lawns and broad-branching live oak trees, and with the high humidity it feels more southern than western. A big security presence on campus and calm, quiet atmosphere create the feeling of an intellectual oasis. In fact, Rice is just 15 minutes to downtown Houston, and about 30 minutes from Houston International Airport. Rice borders the small shopping district of Rice Village, with cafes, French bakeries, taco restaurants, and more. Stately houses line the campus. 


Academically, Rice is known as a science and engineering powerhouse. It’s also a top 20 research university. But, the School of Humanities offers top-ranked programs in English, Philosophy, History, and Art. The undergraduate business major, launched in fall of 2021, now has surpassed previous leaders computer science and mechanical engineering as the most popular major on campus, and offers concentrations in finance and management. 

Rice also makes it very easy for students to study across disciplines and to double major. Simply start taking classes in the subject of your interest. With 50 undergraduate majors and such flexibility in the curriculum, students graduate as well-rounded thinkers.


Rice’s admission numbers are Ivy-like in selectivity. With a 7% Regular Decision acceptance rate, and a 16% acceptance rate in Early Decision, Rice is looking for exceptional and extraordinary students. About 42% of the class is filled in Early Decision.

If you are accepted, don’t expect merit scholarships. Just 7% of students get any merit aid. However, Rice meets 100% of demonstrated need, and families who earn less than $140,000 pay no tuition. Rice’s endowment, a whopping $8.1 billion, allows the university to offer top-notch aid packages.


Rice is known for its collaborative culture, which the university says arises from its mandatory residential college system. These 11 dorms offer not just housing but dining, social, and academic programming, and all students must belong to their residential college for all 4 years, even if they live off campus. 

Rice is ranked #4 for quality of life and student surveys indicate that student happiness is high at Rice. With elite academics in a community-minded atmosphere, Rice deserves a very close look.


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