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Saint Louis University: Applied Learning, a Madrid Campus, and More!

Saint Louis University Fast Facts

  • Undergrads: 8400
  • Location: St Louis, Missouri
  • Student to faculty ratio: 9:1

Galin counselors recently connected with an admissions representative from Saint Louis University, a private Jesuit university with 8400 undergraduates. With an average class size of 26 students and a low student-to-faculty ratio, SLU promises a high-quality educational experience and a connection to its Midtown St Louis community. Read on to learn about SLU’s unique programs, from Missouri to Madrid!

Billiken Promise:

SLU’s mascot is a Billiken, a mythical creature who functions as a lucky charm. The “Billiken Promise” guarantees students access and opportunity during their time at SLU: experiential learning programs, the opportunity to study in Madrid, and a commitment to affordability. Billikens may also be eligible to receive 5th-year financial aid and a SLU Difference scholarship for summer or winter courses. 

SLU Madrid:

Saint Louis University became the first US university with its own European campus in 1967 with its Madrid, Spain location. SLU-Madrid offers 16 full degrees and options for all majors to study abroad for the same price as a typical St Louis semester. Students’ financial aid will apply to semesters at the Madrid campus and (with proper academic planning) all courses will transfer back. If Madrid isn’t your student’s dream destination, SLU offers 47 study abroad programs, so there’s no shortage of adventures available. 

Applied Learning:

SLU students learn in the classroom and beyond. The campus is home to a flight simulator, a supersonic wind tunnel, and an AI lab. In 2020, the campus opened a new hospital and ambulatory care center that provides access to clinical rotations, lab space, and more. Its career office hosts career fairs each semester, promotes internships and skill-building programs, and awards “Earn While You Learn” scholarships for experiential learning. 

Medical Scholars Program:

A unique Medical Scholars program offers accepted students an early application process and guaranteed interview for SLU School of Medicine. During their undergraduate careers, Medical Scholars have access to a physician shadowing program, 1-to-1 advising, and tailored workshops. Although not guaranteed a seat, 80% of program participants earn acceptance to medical school. 

Community feel:

SLU’s relationship with the community is important, both to its Jesuit ideals and to its student body. Students complete 1.6+ million hours of community service each year, with over 80% of students volunteering. 150 community-based learning courses are offered, and even fraternity and sorority rush involve values-based recruitment. Throughout their time at SLU, students are supported to grow as leaders and critical thinkers. =

If any of these programs would be a good fit for your student, encourage them to research St Louis University!

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