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         By Chris Pevey Harry

University-based precollege and summer opportunities are an excellent way for students to strengthen their social and academic skills, and to support a successful transition from high school to university. Additionally, these programs provide them with the experience of sampling college-level courses and programming. Many programs also allow students to get an excellent snapshot of university life and allow them to ‘test-drive’ schools on their college list.

Whether it be a course, internship, research opportunity, or a week-long intensive immersion experience, it is never too early to start academic engagement with university-based programs. Many of them offer both credit, and non-credit, year-round and summer programs which students can use for high school credit, university credit, or as a part of their academic achievements when applying to college.

Most programs such as Brown, Northwestern, Harvard and UW-Madison have now opened registration and are actively admitting students for their summer precollege programs. It is essential not to delay researching these opportunities.

Join a discussion on January 28th at 7pm with Chris Pevey Harry on how students can make the most of their high school years and learn how to best utilize their summer.

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