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By Liz Jackson


The University of Pittsburgh is a top-20 public university with Division I athletics, a vibrant urban campus just three miles from downtown Pittsburgh, and a strong reputation for research. Here are four things that make Pitt unique and special!

  1. The Cathedral of Learning  (“Cathy”):  The most iconic building on Pitt’s campus is the Cathedral of Learning,  affectionately known as “Cathy,” to Pitt students and alumni.  It stands 42 stories high, and the top floors house the university’s Honors College. Inside the building, spaces are built and decorated in a variety of styles inspired by different countries and cultures, and each country represented in the Cathedral of Learning offers a special, funded study abroad program. Cathy is also lit up at night when Pitt’s athletic teams are victorious, and after convocation.
  2. First Experiences in Research: Many students seek out University of Pittsburgh because of its excellent reputation in the sciences, and health sciences in particular. Pitt offers a program called First Experiences in Research, a research fair where professors and other faculty on campus talk to interested students about the work they are doing, and the students have a chance to apply for research opportunities with those faculty. The program provides formalized scaffolding to help undergraduates engage in research, which is so valuable to their future applications to graduate school or in career planning!
  3. Direct-Entry Programs and Interdisciplinary Learning Opportunities: Students applying to University of Pittsburgh apply to one of six schools: Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Business Administration, Computer and Information, Nursing, or Public Health. If you are a student looking for a structured program to prepare you for work in a particular area, Pitt fits the bill! However, students are not restricted to courses within their school, and it is common for students to engage in interdisciplinary studies that cross the boundaries of the six schools.  
  4. Guaranteed graduate admissions: Pitt has a large number of graduate programs to which incoming undergraduates can apply for guaranteed admission. These competitive but non-binding opportunities are offered in Pitt’s graduate programs for business, education, engineering, information sciences, public and international affairs, social work, nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacy, public health, health informatics, communication sciences, rehabilitation technology, sports medicine, sports science and physician assistant studies, as well as in Pitt’s law school medical school and dental school. 


The University of Pittsburgh offers a streamlined application process and rolling admission. Take a look and explore Pitt’s unique offerings!

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