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        By Caitlyn Peot (Booms)

It’s no secret that math is not most students’ favorite subject. Regardless of whether they enjoy math, many students struggle in their math classes, especially as the difficulty level increases throughout high school. Even if a student doesn’t struggle to perform well academically, it is rarely the case that they walk away from the class with a deep understanding of all of the concepts.

Working 1-on-1 with a math tutor can significantly impact not only a student’s grade but their overall knowledge of the material, confidence in their math ability, and capacity to use the learned skills and content in the future. Here are 4 points that highlight the unique importance of math tutoring:

1. Math content builds from year to year: Unlike many other subjects, math content utilizes and expands upon previously learned material. For example, to be successful in precalc, one needs to be proficient in algebra. While it’s normal for students to need some review after the summer break, this year’s return to school may be particularly challenging since learning math in virtual classrooms during the last year and a half was very challenging for many students. Math tutoring can help students re-learn concepts from previous classes while retroactively aiding their understanding of new material (and how it relates to previous concepts) so that they don’t fall behind in their class.

2. Ability to address specific questions: One of the greatest benefits of tutoring is the chance to receive personalized help. Instead of getting lost in a classroom of other students, students who work with a tutor get to ask questions, work through problems, and discuss concepts with a tutor whose job it is to understand the student’s needs and learning style.

3. Overcome math anxiety and gain confidence: Math anxiety is so common, and it can be debilitating if not addressed. Math tutors can assist students recognize their anxieties and take steps to alleviate them. By enhancing their understanding and ability to do math, tutoring helps students become more confident in and less anxious about math.

4. Improve skills for the future: Math incorporates so much more than just equations and graphs; math involves problem solving and critical thinking, which build perseverance and mental agility. These skills will be advantageous not only in future math classes (especially in college) but throughout a student’s life, regardless of career path.

If you’d like to learn more about Galin’s math tutoring offerings, you can email ellen@galined.com or give us a call at 608-841-1053.

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