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High school students, start building your resumes early! Even if you’re not currently seeking employment, laying the groundwork for your resume early in high school will set you up for success when you need a formal resume later on. Whether you’re participating in extracurricular activities, volunteering, or taking on leadership roles, documenting these experiences early on can significantly enhance your future opportunities. Including a variety of activities on your resume will showcases your diverse skills and interests, setting a solid foundation for your academic and professional journey ahead.

Here’s why it’s crucial to begin crafting your resume early and how a strong resume can positively impact your future endeavors:

Easier to build as you go:

  • A resume evolves with your skills and experiences.
  • Building it gradually saves time and frustration later on.

Helpful for college applications:

  • Colleges, including those on the Common App, require activity descriptions.
  • A resume aids in preparing and remembering activities for applications.
  • Some colleges request a resume alongside applications, expediting the process.

A resource for letters of recommendation:

  • Provides recommenders a comprehensive view of your accomplishments.
  • Helps recommenders tailor recommendations to highlight specific strengths.

Essential for various applications:

  • Internships, scholarships, jobs, and other opportunities often require resumes.
  • Preparing one in advance facilitates swift application submissions.

A useful reflection tool:

  • Allows for reflection on accomplishments, skills, and interests.
  • Ensures alignment between aspirations and demonstrated experiences.
  • Helps identify areas for growth and pursuit of passions.

To begin your resume, access this Google Doc template suitable for most high school students.

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