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The Illinois Institute of Technology is a career-focused school that emphasizes its return on investment and alumni job placement. At Illinois Tech, students studying computer science, engineering, architecture and more undergo rigorous technical and professional training. Located in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago just three miles from the Loop, students have access to downtown Chicago and its entertainment and employment opportunities. 

STEM Focus:

The most popular programs at Illinois Tech are, perhaps unsurprisingly, computer science and engineering. With 14 different engineering majors and all-around strong science offerings, STEM-interested students have many options to choose from and plenty of lab and research resources. STEM is not the only thing offered, however; business is also a popular major, and all students take core requirements including humanities and social science courses. Many dual-major Tech+ programs combine technological skills with social science backgrounds, such as Economics and Cybersecurity or Public Policy and Engineering. 

Real-world experience:

Illinois Tech emphasizes real-world experience as part of its rigorous technical training, encouraging students to explore their anticipated careers beyond the classroom through internships and experiential learning. Before graduating, students must take two “Interprofessional Project” courses, where they work on an interdisciplinary team from multiple majors to create a prototype solving a real-world problem. IPROs build skills in leadership, project management, and design thinking that are valuable for success after college. 

Career consideration:

All first-semester students take an “Intro to the Profession” course. In ITP, they engage with career pathways, learn about what professors in the department are doing, and gain exposure to research. This early look into real applications of their major helps students discern if their current path is a good fit for them and encourages long-term career thinking. 

Not decided? Not a problem:

Students who know what they plan to study can apply directly to their first and second choice majors. But Illinois Tech has a place for those who are not so sure or change their minds. The Discover+ program allows undecided students to explore their interests for up to two years before declaring a major. Discover+ students work closely with academic advisors on a personalized plan and have opportunities to connect with students and professors from fields they are considering. 

Merit scholarships:

Early decision and early action applicants are automatically considered for several prestigious full-tuition scholarships, and all first years are considered for Heald scholarships of up to $30,000 per year. 98% of students receive merit, academic, or need-based financial aid–often substantial amounts.  

Planning to study a technical field like engineering or computer science and looking for a no-nonsense, focused approach to your studies? Illinois Tech might be a fit for you!