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As a small, private college in the midwest, Albion College offers everything you’d expect from an undergraduate-only institution, plus many extras. Albion promises personal attention that helps its students translate critical thought into action, preparing them well for their lives and careers. Read on to learn how Albion College stands out.

  1. Albion College was founded in 1835, and today spans over 500 acres. The college has taken strides to integrate and invest in its quiet, namesake town of Albion, Mich. Beyond the typical campus resources, Albion owns an equestrian center with 50 horses (you can bring your own horse or use theirs), a 140-acre nature center with a live reptile exhibit, and a career and internship center located in Albion’s quaint downtown.
  2. The 1,500 students at Albion slant toward pre-professional career tracks (pre-law, pre-business, pre-health) and most definitely want to get involved during their college years. Several academic institutes provide students career-focused, hands-on learning. The Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership and Public Policy and Service helps students learn to advocate for issues. The Wilson Institute for Medicine gives students impressive pre-health experiences and a 96% med school acceptance rate, and the Gerstacker Business Institute develops future management leaders. 
  3. Popular academic majors include economics and management, communication studies, biology, psychology, accounting, finance, and exercise science. Albion students report that professors take a personal interest in their success and life goals, given that the average class size is just 16.
  4. Students love the Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creativity, which pairs students in any major with a faculty mentor to imagine and implement an original project. Grant funding is available. Classes are canceled for one day each spring for a research symposium where students present their work. 
  5. On this residential campus, students can join over 100 clubs and organizations, from a history club to a medical brigade, canoeing to theater, Greek life (50% participation) and more. Cultural identity clubs and spiritual life offerings aim to build a welcoming and inclusive community for an increasingly diverse student body. 
  6. DIII athletics feature 11 varsity sports for men and women, plus a co-ed equestrian team and eSports team. Around half of Albion students are also athletes. Students who seek an alternative to varsity sports can join clubs centered around snowboarding and skiing, cheerleading, dance, cycling, disc golf, and more. 
  7. Albion extends financial aid to 99% of its students, and the average net price currently is under $20,000 per year, making Albion a well-priced private college option for many families. Merit scholarships start at $26,000 per year, and are guaranteed for every admitted student. 

If you want a quintessential college campus with personal attention from professors at an affordable price, Albion is worth a closer look!