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Trinity University Quick Facts:

  • Location: San Antonio, TX
  • Enrollment: 2,500
  • No. 1 College for Merit Aid

San Antonio, home of the battle of the Alamo, has a southwestern tone and lively nightlife. More low-key than the other major cities in Texas, most graduates of Trinity University launch careers in Houston, Austin, and Dallas (or across the USA) upon graduation. 

Trinity University is a classic liberal arts college, with 2,500 undergraduates who are looking for a tight-knot community in which to get involved. There are few strong liberal arts colleges in the southwest, making Trinity the clear leader in this region. 


Academically, many students choose to double major at Trinity, where you can study business, engineering, education, and the traditional liberal arts. Finance, psychology, communication, and management science attract the most students. Trinity is known for its undergraduate mentored-research program, which attracts nearly half of all students. The university even awards a $5,000 stipend and free housing to students conducting summer research. 


Trinity is very selective, with a 28% acceptance rate in Regular Decision, and a 54% acceptance rate in Early Decision. Approximately 25% of the class is admitted in ED. Student transcripts typically show 7-10 AP classes, although the school context is always considered. Approximately 75% of the student body comes from the state of Texas, particularly from Houston, so students from less-represented states may find good opportunities here. 

Generous Merit Aid

Trinity boasts an endowment over $1 billion, and is generous with merit scholarships. All students receive merit awards ranging from $12-$30,000 per year, and students may compete for at least 20 full-tuition scholarships each year. 


Trinity offers DIII athletics, and features outstanding, extremely well-funded sports facilities for athletes. Roughly 23% of Trinity students play a varsity sport, and the university frequently contends for national titles, particularly in soccer and baseball. All students can enjoy the recreation center and intramural sports.

Students at Trinity University find a strong mix of programs for a liberal arts college, easy access to high-quality professors, and a wide array of academic resources. The students I spoke with said the sense of community is what they value most of all.


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