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Even with the warm weather, the end of the school year is always fraught with challenges. At Galin, there are a few ways that we can help students thrive in this last part of the year.

Academic Tutoring

Virtual/Hybrid learning has resulted in easier grading and more lenient schools and teachers. There’s nothing wrong with this, it makes complete sense, but students would be missing out if they didn’t take advantage of this. GPA’s are currently inflated and it’s important to turn C’s into B’s and take B’s up to A’s. 

Of course, you may just need a tutor to get a struggling student through the rest of the school year. If tutoring will help your student thrive (or survive) through the end of this school year, feel free to reach out to Ellen@galined.com to learn more.

Academic Coaching

Whereas tutoring focuses on content, our coaches work with students on the process of being a good student. We help students organize and manage their assignments, their time, and themselves so that they can be more efficient and more effective each week. If a student is struggling to meet deadlines, missing homework assignments, and scrambles the night before every test, they may benefit from working with a coach for the last 3 months of the year. Email Scott@galined.com to learn more.

AP Review

AP tests are right around the corner (about two months away). Although it feels far away, now is probably the best time to start studying and reviewing content. We have tutors that can work 1-on-1 with students in practically every subject. Reach out today if you’d like to start meeting with a tutor and getting ready to crush your AP Exams.

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