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This is certainly not the typical Summer. As we hit these hot days in July, it has become clear that it’s tougher and tougher for teens. They are cooped up and lacking engagement and activities. This year, Galin Education has launched our Virtual Summer Enrichment Courses. The intent is to not keep students inside, but rather to give them a 90 minute session each day where they’re able to see other kids, engage in discussion, and activate their brains. Here’s a few things to know about our 2 week Enrichment classes:

  • More course options for students: We were initially limited to the classroom space available at our office. This summer we are able to offer multiple course options at the same time in different subjects and for different grade levels based on the availability of our instructors and what works for students.

  • Instructors transported to you via our online formats: While our instructors are mainly based here in Madison, they have been able to teach from different locations as needed as well as students being able to connect from wherever they happen to be. For this summer, parents don’t have to worry about how students are getting dropped off or picked up for their courses.

  • Discovering new interests or further exploring current interests: Enrichment courses, either virtual or in-person, are a low stakes way for students to try out a course in a new subject area. There are no tests, only the expectation that curious students will show up to engage with the instructor and other students in discussion, activities, and learning.

We have three more sessions of enrichment courses this summer. Our next two-week session starts on July 13 and has 18 course options from which to choose! We hope to see your student for enrichment learning this summer with Galin. If you have any questions, you can reach out to info@galined.com.

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