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How We Learn About Colleges

By August 24, 2023 No Comments

One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a college counselor is what our director, Liz Jackson, calls “academic match-making.” We learn about our students and learn about colleges, and then we try to discern which colleges will fit our students. But how do we learn about colleges?

One way is by actually visiting and touring them, which we do as often as we can. Sometimes we join multi-college tours organized by our industry association, other times, we might visit a specific school on a “fly-in” specifically for college counselors. Whenever we travel, we work in a college visit if we can. Then we share our takeaways with the full Galin counseling team.

We also consistently reach out to admissions counselors and invite them to come and talk with our team at our regular counselor calls. Admissions counselors we have had the pleasure of hosting this year have helped us learn more about:

The University of South Carolina

The University of Tulsa

Duquesne University

Albion College

The University of Colorado-Boulder

The University of Redlands

Knox College

The University of Pittsburgh

We continue to stay current on colleges with research, industry sources, conversations amongst our team, industry-sponsored presentations and more! We pass along our findings to our clients in conversations as well as through our College Corner, where you can read about many of the universities our counselors have toured and researched.